About me

hohackMy name is Maria Pihl and I am an Academic Art of Riding nerd. This I am training with my two horses, Bröta and Mira, cold blood trotter and Danish fredriksborger.

So who am I? In short, an academic training the Academic Art of Riding!

My first contact with the Academic Art of Riding was as theory participant in an introduction clinic. Earlier I had read an article about the AAoR and I felt I wanted to learn more about it. After the introduction clinic I was all in. Academic art of riding was something for me. Unfortunately I had no horse to start training.

In the end of 2008 I bought Bröta and the adventure in the Academic Art of Riding could finally start. I got really interested quite fast and in May 2013 I went for a three month internship to Ekeskog’s Riding Academy on Gotland, to the Bent Branderup trainers Hanna Engström and Celina Harich. Now I could finally learn the academic art of riding from scratch, so I got off the horse and started all over from the ground. What a joy! It was an amazing time and I learnt a lot.

I went home for 7 months and practised and developed what I had learnt and then I went back to Gotland, to stay for another half a year. If my first internship was focused on ground work and longeing, this half a year was focused on riding. I did seat training and more seat training! During this internship I also bought my second horse, Mira.

Now I am diligently training with my horses and I am also teaching the Academic Art of Riding, to allow more people to experience this fantastic form of art. I am a theory nerd and want to know all little technical details to perfect an exercise. I addition, I work intensely with body awareness, balance and feeling in the training. I believe a solid theoretical foundation to why we are training the way we do, in addition to body awareness in both horse and human create the best conditions for a nice training. My goal is to have fun with the horses and to one day become a knight in the AAoR knighthood. The first partial goal, an approved groundwork and longe test was achieved in December 2015 and I am now actively training for partial goal number two, to become a squire.

In my quest to help  horses to become healthy and happy individuals, I started taking an interest in alternative medicine, and to see how all the parts of a horse interact in the individual, both on the physical, mental and spiritual level.  I liked Origopathy, with its nice holistic approach. Now I am educating myself in this area  and I see how my two parts, academic art of riding and origopathy, together gives me even more tools to guide the owners to healthy horses. With origopathy I can balance the horse physically, mentally and spiritually, to make it regain its original function. Then, using academic art of riding, I can  help the owner to train the horse in a way that builds up the horse, for a functional and happy individual.